Organisational Policies

account3 is committed to upholding the terms and values of all our policies and strive to provide the best quality service to all our clients. The full text of each policy is available by clicking on the tabs below.

  • account3 is committed to the promotion of equality of opportunities. As part of our work we intend that no individual or group of individuals will receive less favourable treatment because of their age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, race, colour, creed or disability. account3 undertakes to treat all clients/users:

    • with individuality
    • with equity
    • according to their needs

    account3 expects clients to:

    • Treat all other users and staff and volunteers with respect
    • Not make discriminatory or offensive statements to others
    • Be willing to provide account3 with information that will be used to check which sections of the community are benefiting from the services, which will be done by asking clients for details on their age, race, disability etc.
  • Definition of Sustainability

    account3 understands Sustainability to mean that we try to make the most efficient use of what we have, minimise waste, actively re-cycle and support the development of people to improve the diversity of the workforce.

    Our Policy

    Our sustainability policy is to minimise our negative environmental impacts.


    account3 recognises that all activity has an impact on the environment. Our aim is to reduce the impact of our own organisation and our activities through a programme of continuous assessment and improvement and also to promote good practice elsewhere.

    account3 is committed to sustainable development. Whilst recognising that our own day-to- day practices can have an adverse effect on the environment.

    account3 believes that the principles of sustainability must be integrated across all aspects of its services and management.

    account3 believes our community deserves that we plan our work and use of resources with regards to the principles of sustainability.

    We also believe that where it arises we should pass on this ethos to partners and service users, who will be informed both of this commitment via notices on our wall.

    account3 promotes the best use of resources including human resources and would encourage you not to waste the resources we have. Please use the recycling facilities and make an effort to turn off lights and other equipment when not in use. If you see some behaviour which we could change in order to improve our sustainability please let us know.

  • It is the policy of account3 to comply with the terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent legislation, to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees, volunteers and learner and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose.

    account3 also recognises and accepts its responsibility to protect the health and safety of all visitors to the workplace (including learners, contractors, temporary staff and any members of the public) who might be affected by our activities. account3 will also co-operate on health and safety matters with other organisations accommodated within the account3 premises and neighbours or landlords.

  • account3 is signed up and fully adheres to the Data protection Act 1998.
  • Our Commitment

    account3 is committed to delivering the best possible service for all of its customers; and based on clients feedback, we aim to equip our customers with:

    • a friendly and helpful staff
    • a welcoming environment
    • a responsive service
    • up to date information on jobs and training
  • account 3 aims to provide a standard service acceptable to all our clients/users. If we fail to do this we want to know about it. This will enable us to deal with the problem and avoid it happening again.

    Complaints are appreciated as valuable feedback from clients. All staff are encouraged to report and discuss any complaints. They will be dealt with in a non judgemental, non blame process.

    Should any organisation or individual service users, feel that they have been unfairly, poorly, or rudely treated by a member of staff, they will have the option of invoking the complaints procedure by contacting admin@account3 for a complaints form or download complaints form.

  • account3 aims to provide a standard of service that is acceptable to all our clients/users and to ensure that vulnerable people are protected. To this end we will request an enhanced Criminal record Bureau (CRB) check for any staff, trainees or volunteers who are to be working with vulnerable people:

    1. The process requires a CRB form to be completed, if you are completing an Enhanced CRB form, please be aware that question H requires the applicant to declare any and all criminal behaviour, even if this did not result in criminal proceedings, for example if a warning was issued.

    2. If the form comes back showing any criminal activity account3 reserves the right to question the findings further before approving the employment or training that elicited the CRB check in the first place. Therefore we advise that you explain fully the circumstances in the first place as opposed to when the form comes back.

  • account3 is committed to providing a confidential service to its clients. We believe that the principles of confidentiality must be integrated across all aspects of its services and management. account3 believes its clients deserve the rights to confidentiality to protect their interest and safeguard account3's services.

    Each client will be informed both of this commitment of first using the service and that advice and guidance is limited to Training/Employment, Welfare Advice, and Business Advice issues only.

    account3 offers a confidential service and nothing that you tell us will be shared with any other organisation or individual without your express permission. We offer an interview room if you would prefer to be seen in private.

  • account 3 recognises that we live in a rapidly ageing society and that this has implications for the economy‚ services and the roles people play in the family and community. Economic prosperity depends on sustaining high levels of employment and consumer spending as the share of older people rises. Older people’s roles in society as grandparents‚ carers‚ volunteers and in public life need to be supported‚ and they need to be involved in decisions that affect them.

    Our services may need to be reformed to respond to the needs of a growing and ever more diverse older population. Our services need to be planned with demographic change and the needs of older people in mind‚ personalised to individuals’ views and needs‚ and focused particularly on the most disadvantaged. To deliver‚ we need adequate funding but this policy can be seen as a commitment to inclusion of people of all ages both in terms of employment and access to service.

  • account3 provides independent advice in the best interests of its clients. Independence will be retained by ensuring that the management body does not have any members from bodies such as our funders, officers from the local authority etc. This should be considered by the Board of Directors when taking new members on the board and also should consider whether any activities of the potential member are likely to give rise to any conflicts of interest.

    The independence and conflict of interest procedure is intended to ensure that the advice given to clients is independent and is seen to be independent. This procedure applies to the Welfare Project manager and volunteers giving advice. It applies to one-off enquiries as well as casework.

    This procedure is available to all staff and volunteers in the Quality Manual. It will be made available to new staff during induction. The procedure will be referred to during staff training and in any relevant supervision sessions.

  • The rules governing our requirement to adopt competition in our procurement activities are summarised below. These rules apply to the procurement of goods, works and services. The purpose of competition is to:

    • Promote value for money;
    • Protect account3 , its staff and consultants from claims of maladministration; and
    • To reduce the risk of fraud, corruption, waste or other irregularities.

    These rules apply whether procurement is being administered directly by account3 or on our behalf by external consultants.

    Government guidance

    Our funders require that our procurement policies conform to relevant Treasury guidance documents including Procurement Policy Guidelines. Also that account is taken of all relevant EU and other international procurement rules. Further details can be found on the website of the Office of Government Commerce.

    It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure this document is updated to reflect changes to published guidelines.

  • Overview and intent

    It is the policy of account3 by careful forward planning to ensure as far as possible security of employment for its employees.

    However, the Board recognises that there may be changes in competitive conditions, organisational requirements and technological developments, which may affect staffing needs.

    It is the agreed aim of the account3 to maintain and enhance the efficiency and sustainability of account3 in order to safeguard the current and future employment of account3’s employees. account3, in consultation with the employees, will seek to minimise the effect of redundancies through the provision of sufficient time and effort to finding alternative employment for surplus staff. Where compulsory redundancy is inevitable the account3 will handle the redundancy in the most fair, consistent and sympathetic manner possible and minimise as far as possible any hardship that may be suffered by the employees concerned.

  • account3 is committed to the development of staff, volunteers and beneficiaries as part of our commitment to high quality services and to ensure that all account3 staff members are given opportunities to receive training appropriate to their needs, roles and responsibilities. account3 empathises on the view that the knowledge, competence and motivation of all staff are key contributory factors to the successful running of the organisation and the quality of all the services provided.

    It is the responsibility of individual staff to play an active role in identifying their own training needs and opportunities and in attending the courses.

  • It is the policy of account3 to recruit staff and volunteers within a framework of equality and transparency.

    We strive to ensure that where possible, all staff and volunteers are given the opportunity to develop skills and experience which will enhance job opportunity both within account3 and elsewhere.

    The following procedure is used to ensure equity and transparency prior to and at the recruitment stage of a new job:

    account3 strives to be an equal opportunities employer. To this end the recruitment process is designed to ensure that where possible internal staff have the opportunity for support to progress and in all other cases all jobs are advertised widely and open to any applicant with the relevant skills and competence to carry them out.

    All applicants for jobs are treated fairly and in accordance with the procedures.

  • account3 aims to provide a volunteers placement scheme whereby volunteers benefit by gaining valuable work experiences and support to obtain a professional qualification to enhance their chances of getting into paid employment. This policy covers the following:

    • Recruitment of volunteers
    • Volunteer expenses
    • Training for volunteers
    • Supervision
    • Duration of volunteer placements
    • Work placements
  • account 3 recognises that many residents living in this borough do not have proper access to information about the various services that are available to them. The referral policy ensures that our clients are given the information and support that they need in order to access the services, which best meets their particular needs. Thus, we encourage referrals and active sign posting to other agencies and specialist service providers. This also ensures that the referral procedure is made smooth and simple as possible for them.

    This Referral procedure covers all referrals made by account 3 team members for services such as Employment service, Education, Health services, childcare, social services etc. This policy also covers the referrals made by the Welfare Link Project for further legal advice.

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