Partnership Working

account3 is established to:

  • help relieve poverty and enhance quality of life through the provision of direct services that facilitate improved access to employment and services;
  • advance education through the provision of training that will enhance employment opportunities;
  • serve as a referral point for those looking for work and agencies that can support them;
  • promote self-help by providing opportunities for people to come into contact in order to find solutions to common challenges;
  • encourage or initiate schemes to improve the quality of life of women, through direct service provision, partnership working and capacity building for other third sector organisations;
  • foster and support the principles and concepts of co-operation and partnership.

To this end, account3 works with a range of partners and recognises the benefits of working together to provide timely, holistic interventions that meet the requirements of the client. Over the last 20 years, account3 has worked in a number of very effective partnerships including the Pan London Somali Training & Employment Project, which, against all expectations had a major impact on the staff diversity in schools and nurseries in east London.

account3 partnered with:

  • Government departments in Trinidad and Tobago to organise its first women's enterprise conference bringing together 1000 local businesswomen, government agencies and NGOs.
  • Meiji University on a 2 weeks lecture tour of the university.
  • Mossada to deliver a Learning and Skills Council contract
  • 90 Urban Artists to promote Bazaart 09, Uk's largest Urban Arts festival
  • 25 Designer -makers to establish a fashion Gallery, Arch Angels, in a refurbished warehouse off Brick Lane; where now stands RichMix
  • Pan London Somali groups to deliver Tower Hamlets' first Pan London ChIldcare Course for Somali women
  • London Civic Forum - Take Part Programme to improve community responsibility
  • Harrow Council to deliver skills and employment programmes.

We recognise that working in partnership is sometimes fraught with difficulties thus require careful,clear communication and detailed planning to make the partnership effective and profitable. account3 is keen to work in partnership, and continues to co-operate and collaborate with large and medium scale organisations to find lasting solutions to social issues in the East London, UK or internationally.

Case Study - Positive Partnership Working

[HINT]account3 was commissioned by a local social housing provider to support a group of older BME women in creating a residents' support group with the aim of engaging residents in improving better communication with housing officers; improving their wellbeing and health.  Within 6 months, this program successfully enabled the women, who had previously been chaperoned around the borough to attend sport sessions around the borough to independently navigate the borough scouting for other sport activities to engage in.

Much to the delight of the women, account3 joined forces with the London Civic Forum, who had identified some funding to support groups to learn about growing their our food. London Civic Forum delivered the growing project from our centre and the women grew seeds which were placed in a small space behind our building. With their care the space quickly developed in to the smallest farm in the world with cabbages, curly kale, peas, coriander, spring  onions and garlic growing in sacks and pots. Enthused they taught the children in our nursery to plant seeds and make planting fun.

Making use of our social capital, we became aware of a number of community gardens being set up and linked the ladies to the closest one.  By the end of the training the ladies were part of a newly established community garden and mixing with younger women and children living a few streets away from them.  A Cook book writer recently approached the groups and asked them to be involved in a book a cookery book of Bangladeshi home cooking, of course this offer was taken up and the Bangla Grans were looking forward to celebrity.

The various partnerships provided multiple opportunities to this group who have moved from fairly isolated lives to being involved in a arrange of different project and from needing to be accompanied everywhere to taking care of each other and meeting up to go out in a group.  They are fitter, they are happier, they are growing their own food and sharing with other members of the community.[/HINT]

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